Month: August 2014

Day Three

Well, so tired today but forged forward. Seems there is a little critter who decided to bit me over night. I dreamt about the bugs from this summer and turns out something was bitting me.. oh well. We did declare this the summer of the bugs.

Went to Mass at a lovely church – St. Mary’s which is a Dominican Fathers Church. It has beautiful stained glass windows. After Mass we walked out on the Promenade towards Salt Hill. About two miles all together. Then we picked up a coffee and came back home for a bit to eat.

We decided to take a tour in the afternoon rain or not. So off we went to Eyre Square and caught a double decker with a delightful tour guide. A lovely leprechaun who told lots of stories and jokes etc. We saw somethings we had not already seen and figured out some places we want to walk to. It had started to rain so we decided to go and get a snack. Had chips and a cup of coffee. Strange I know but it was what we wanted.

Then headed back home. I took a nap and Denis worked on his plans. We had a lovely dinner at the Trattoria. They had some gluten free pasta what was wonderful and I really enjoyed the meal. There are so many restaurants to choose fromm. Cannot get over it. WE met a very nice man from Berkshire County who now lives in California. He had been over on a walking tour of Connamara. He is working on getting his Irish citizenship. He wants to live in Ireland.

Tomorrow Denis may go off to find his office at the University and I would like to go and pick up my bike.

One little tib bit of info. I find that I find so many people here look like someone I know. And the Ireish men are so good looking. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But those gorgeous blue eyes… and great features.

Anyway, took more pictures today but did not down load any yet. No time really.

Embrace the day,

Day Two

Well, If you had told me last night that I would sleep for 12 hours straight I would have laughed at you. But that is exactly what I did. thank goodness Denis finally came back from running and I hear the key in the lock an woke up. So once we both were up and ready we went out to the Farmers Market in the Centre City and wow is it great. We got veggies for at least part of the week and some other goodies. I have never seen a place as alive as that.

So we walked back to the apt and unpacked and had a lovely little brunch of home baked goodies at noon and then skyped with our little girlies at 1 pm our time. They were having breakfast in Baltimore and had trouble over why we were just having breakfast in the afternoon.

So then we still had our list of to do things so we headed back out to get phones which we now have. And went to Eyre Square and found the post office for stamps and the bus station to check it out and get some schedules. it was getting late so we decided to stop at Griffins for a goodie and tea. Denis had an apple crumble which was good and I had a Pavlova, now that I have had one I know why it was a Christmas Eve treat at 193 Earl Street for many generations. Of course then it was time to think about dinner which was not a very inviting idea for me but I cooked up our first meal in the kitchen and figured out all the flaws to the kitchen.  Then we walked another way home down near Galway Bay and found a parking lot for visitors and a church to go to and a plan for a stoll later.
After cleaning up after dinner and doing a few things we decided to head for our local across the street to have a beverage. It was good but one can tell we were strangers.  I figure after we stop in a few times we will start to get to know some of the folks.  no food there, just drinks it appears. Not great wine either.

Still tired so another night of rest and then tomorrow going to check out a few other sides of the town.

Until tomorrow night, enjoy the life that has been given to you.


Our first day

Well, it has begun… yesterday was a very long day. waiting to go to the airport, last minute laundry? and other little chores. Luckily Dan came home mid morning to spend some time with us before we left, then took us to the air port. So off we went. Flight was good, no real sleep of course so when we arrived after 7 am Irish time we were so tired.  Happy to see the sign for Dennis Brennan – and Kevin McIntyre waiting to drive us to Galway.  Nice eh?? They sent a taxi for us!!!!!!

Kevin got us nicely to the Granary Suites and then Irene came along to let us in and show us everything about the apartment. It  does sleep six, one of the double beds is a  pull out couch in the living room. Interesting  arrangement. the two bathrooms and two bedrooms are on the lower floor and the kitchen and living room upstairs..

we were exhausted so went to sleep for about three hours and then set off checking things out. The Town Centre is a buzz of people, Buskers, and tons of little shops.  It was fun walking around, we found a  lovely little restaurant for lunch which was very good and then walked over to meet the folks who will be working with Denis and his students. Then the very kind Tim from Milwaukee gave us a walking tour of the town and showed us where to shop for groceries and where to get a phone etc. Then we were on our own again.   Unpacked, went grocery shopping, and came home and then at7 pm headed out to find a place for supper which worked out really well for us. Just up the block and around the corner. So now we are working up to falling asleep again since are so tired.

Highlights of today: The clouds as we descended into Shannon, The lovely green of  the country as we landed, the welcome from  Irene,  Maeve, and Tim,  I found the city centre filled with life and energy which was fun and food that made  me full but not guilty about leaving a lot behind because it was just enough.

Sleep will be welcome as tomorrow we have big plans which include lots of walking again.

Dream Big and Enjoy Life.


Three days and counting

By this time on Thursday we will be gone but for the moment it is the confrontation with all the last minute things that has me going nuts.  What to take?   What not to take?  What has to be done around this house?And all the thoughts and feelings about leaving. I am excited like a little kid waiting for Christmas but then anxious when I think about all there is to do.  Denis is anxious as well so we make a great pair of anxious old folks.  I have to keep pinching myself  when I think we are really doing this! Who would have thought that at this point in our life we would be taking on an adventure like this!. Well, we are so now back to the work of figuring out what to do next.



My bike

I truly have not ridden a bike in many, many years but yesterday I paid on the nose to rent a bike for four months.  I have this vision of myself riding out to Salt Hill along the water every day, and riding to Tai Chi class. I wonder if I will really do it.  Also looked up yoga teachers but will have to wait until I get there to figure that one out.  Every day the excitement grows and the list of things to do keeps growing as well but done or not off we will go and if we forgot something, we can go shopping over there.

Who am I and what to I expect from this trip?

I am a Seventy year old retired prevention specialist who worked in the field of addictions and still volunteer with a local community group doing prevention.  It is one of the two things I am passionate about, the other is genealogy.   I am the go to person on my mom’s side of the family for info about family history.  There are others in the next generation who are learning more and more so they can take over when I am no longer able to. 

Last year my husband Denis who is still working, teaching at Union College, applied to lead a semester abroad program to Galway Ireland.  Last summer we found out that he had been selected to go and that I could go with him.  so for the last year we have been planning and chatting and learning as much as we can about Galway. 

We have been to Ireland several times but never long enough to really become immersed in the culture.  This is our opportunity to do this.

This blog is going to be my diary of our trip. I hope you enjoy it.