Day 82 – Moving on or back depending on how you look at it.

Well, today was the end of a very nice Visit with Cousin Barbara Reid.  She was wonderful to spend time with and I learned so much about the extended family and met some of hers which pleased me to no end.  We spent some more time this morning before I left with her showing me more photos and documents.  She has quite a treasure trove.

Driving through LIverpool I realized it is just another big city. Although I have to say I love the red brick and the way they have taken the old docks buildings and turned them into condos with theaters, shopping areas etc. There is so much modern stuff that one forgets it is a city with a rich history, including our part of it.

Hamish, Mary and I left quite early for the airport so were there by 11:30. As we walked up I thought I should take a picture of the name of the airport – John Lennon Airport.  There was this yellow thing I saw when I arrived but no one heard me ask what it was so I forgot about it.  Turns out it is suppose to be a Yellow Submarine. So I took a picture of that as well. There are lots of pictures of the Beatles around the airport.  We found the long term parking and were through security by noon.  It was a breeze in fact it felt like we were almost the only ones going anywhere.   I saw a couple with the cutest little girl who had flown over with me.  Still a happy and joyful little kid.  We ate some lunch and then when they announced our gate we walked over and lo and behold the place had arrived and they were unboarding the others so they started passing us through the gate and once the others were all off we were on and since everyone with a ticket was accounted for we left early. I like Ryanair so far.  They are very efficient in getting people moved around.

The flight was quick so we were about 25 minutes at least early. I had fallen asleep so was awakened when the wheels set down. We got the car arranged and went out to the pick up spot and it was all easy and quick. and soon we were off to Galway.  Aside from one detour when Hamish did not believe me that that was the road we needed to be on we had a lovely trip over I kept falling asleep in the back seat.  Guess I was beat. We were in Galway before 6 pm and after freshening up we went to the Front Door for dinner and then to Freeneys to watch the US vs  Ireland friendly soccer game.  They were tied at the middle of the game and now we are back at the apartment watching the second half.  I don’t really care about it but the Irish just scored again.  About 8 of Denis’ students are over at the game. He told them about the trip over with the college as it might be another fun experience.

So at the end of this long day it is worth stating that the last few days have been wonderful visiting Barbara. I know she is reading this and I mean it.  There are not too many grandchildren of my gr grandfather left walking this earth and she is a great one and I hope she is around another many years as she is busy and active and offers alot to her community.

Pictures ready to add I think.

DSCN3091 DSCN3093 DSCN3094 DSCN3095 DSCN3096 DSCN3097 DSCN3104 DSCN3105 DSCN3106


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