Day 123 – I think this is the end

Well, as we drove home from DC today we said this is the end of our big trip and I was thinking that this is probably the end of this blog for now.  Of course if we get to return or go on some other fantastic trip that might be the re-upping of this one but for now I am going to stop writing this one and start working on the new one.    is the new one. It will have a different focus since I cannot imagine that life day to day of a community volunteer would be that interesting to anyone. But some of the other things I am interested in I would like to write about. So we shall see how it goes.

Today was a tough day.  The kids were up early as usual but they knew we were leaving.  They were good and eventually I got up, my watch was stow so it was not 7:25 but 7:50 when I got up. so much for getting up at 7:30.  I got going and came down to eat etc and it was very quite where Little Bear was in the kitchen.  Turns out they had had yogurt with granola and maple syrup. LB was out pouring maple syrup into the empty bowls. She did a pretty good job of getting it into the bowls. Talented young thing that she is.  She is very coordinated for three and looks like she should become an athlete.  Anyway, I left feeling terrible. I could not even get a hug from LB or Sol.  So we left and headed for Binghamton. I think I slept part of the way since before I knew it we were up on 81 above Harrisburgh and it was my turn to drive.  It was about 2:00 when we arrived in Binghamton and it was good to see Bill and Gail.  They both looked really good and happy after their Christmas time with their little kids. Gail made me feel better when she told me her grandkids are the same – Grandpa gets all the attention and she is just along for the ride.  Guess it must be the age or something. Sometimes I get attention but this time it was all about Grandpa.

When we arrived home we found the last of the packages mailed home has arrived.  I think there is one envelope with handouts from various museums and tours in it that is coming but that would be about the end of items from Ireland.  So, I guess it is really over.  Now to get pictures, a scrapbook to organize everything into and the time to put it all together.


So hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures and the adventure will continue.

cheers, marg

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