Birthday Celebrations

Day 121 – Ian’s birthday and Holiday open house

Hard to believe Ian turned 40 today.. I do remember the day he was born and how traumatic it all was.  I never seem to do things the easy way in life. But believing in reincarnation tells me that there is a lot to be learned through those difficult times. My uncle was a very spiritual man and a devout Catholic and he told me once about how he knows that he had lived before and he knew how he died. It was a great relief to me when he told me his story of going to Mexico and climbing the pyramid there and turning around and seeing the site of his life long occurring dream.  He knew at that moment that he had died while being a laborer on that pyramid as it was being built. He knew he had fallen to his death there and from that day forward that dream that came to him over and over again never came back.  He also knew why he had spent his life afraid of heights.  So I don’t think that it could not be a possibility that I have been around once or twice already.  Since this is a kind of hard road we live on earth and if you believe in a god it makes sense that maybe we need to develop our souls..  When people talk about someone being an old soul, someone filled with wisdom and knowledge – how do you think they got that way? I prefer to think they have been down this road many times and have learned their lessons and I hope one day I will be an old soul.

Anyway, we had a long and fun day today.  Ian and Maya were having a holiday open house, not a birthday party, so the morning was spent getting the house and the food ready.  They were not expecting a large crowd since many of their friends were away visiting family for the holiday. So, I first folded laundry, then cleaned bathrooms and finally was charged with figuring out what bowls and plates to use and to put things on them as they were brought out from the kitchen.  So between us it all worked out and we were ready by noon.

I got to have a visit with two of my brothers today and sister in law Mary. Niece Sarah and nephew Andrew were here also so that was a treat getting to sit and actually have a long conversation with Andrew. He is quite a remarkable man. One pleasant surprise was seeing Chris Holt and his wife and meeting his two adorable little kids. Also met Ian and Maya’s neighbor who just finished her MBA and told her about Kevin Kaiser and as much of his philosophy as I understand. She is going to get his book and see how it fits into her business model for her own business she is starting.  She is a smart woman and has come up with a great consulting idea.

There were tons of little kids all of whom did not have dinner but tons of cookies, chips, fruits, etc.  Lots of 3-5 year old energy around the place. Ian and Maya’s college friend TIm has twin girls who Sol and little Bear love to hang out with and their friend across the street Kennedy and then Chris’ two kids. Endless energy for sure.

It took a bit to get the girls to sleep and in the mean time all the dishes were done, and the only place not cleaned up is the basement which Ian said not to touch until morning. Of course he is going to be out all day tomorrow so we will be there with over tired little girls but it will all happen. At the moment the mom and dad are out doing what Ian loves to do on his  birthday – he is bowling.  Every year we babysit on his birthday so they can go bowling.  It is very calm and quiet here at the moment.

I have pictures to share from the day. It was a fun time.

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