Blue Teapot Theatre

Day 102 – Back to Our Galway Adventure and Blue Teapot Theatre

Boy was I tired this morning and so happy to sleep in as long as I wanted to.  It was delightful.  Denis tells me I was so deep in sleep even rolling me over did not stop my snoring and keeping him up. Poor fellow.

I ate and went out and got some food and did an inventory of what we have to eat before we go home. On the way up shop street there was a fellow with a wagon, a donkey and two dogs and some birds. I did not have the camera so I went home and got the camera and headed on back. I first went to Boots thinking I could get a flu shot but I had to make an appointment so I did and then headed back to take pictures. Met a couple from Donegal who were visiting Galway for a couple of days.  The wife talked about what a perfect get away city it is.  I could not help but agree.

Got back and finished a load of laundry and spend some time knitting and watching a Mrs Marple movie. I love this one channel that does nothing but detective shows.  Just my favorite shows.

AFter dinner, first one cooked in over a week – we headed out to see a play at the Blue Teapot Theatre.  It is a wonderful program for folks with disabilities here in Galway. They have a three year theatre training program. And they have another group that uses the experience for social development etc.  They put on a play and it was wonderful. We sat with one of the Dads and he talked about how his daughter is so excited to be in the program, she is in the three year actors training program for higher functioning folks. One of Denis’ students did her service learning project there and loved it and was so proud of her folks in the play.

We walked over and back and it was a lovely evening.  I was cold this morning but by this evening I was use to the temps again and not so chilly.  Have to get up to go to the bus station tomorrow morning to pick up my Sarah.  Should be a wonderful time.

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