Harding Hotel

Day 110 – Bog Bodies, rain and a great meal

Today was Sarah and My last day in Dublin. I think we were able to see and do a lot. we were very tired when we returned from the theatre and neither of us had an easy time falling asleep.  As a result the plan to get up and be out by nine was squashed as neither of us woke up.  So about ten we started to back up and get ready to check out at eleven.  we were truly dragging.

We ate at the little cafe down on Fishamble Street and then walked all the way to the wrong museum. … Went to the natural history first and when we saw all the stuffed birds and other animals we knew we were in the wrong place…  we managed to walk back around the long block to the Acheology and History museum and found the display on the Hill of Tara which was just wonderful and the Bog Bodies.  they were fantastic to see.  We spend about and hour there and we were both done with museums.  we walked over and caught the Hop on Hop Off bus over to where we were staying and stopped for a little lunch, potato leak soup,yummmm.  And then walked across and got Sarah some strong coffee and a snack and proceeded to go to the hotel to claim our baggage.  they just gave us the key to the storage room and told us we could get our own out.  I love the trust level of people.  heart warming really..

then as we were ready to leave the rain had started so we hustled down to the Citylink office and waited inside until the bus was coming.  we both slept most of the way back to Galway.  When we arrived it was windy and rainy so by the time we got to the apt we were soaked, at least the front of us.

after saying hi to Denis and showing him some of our purchases we changed to go out to dinner.  We met Thomas and his wife Marion at the Dail and had a wonderful meal and conversation.   Was somhappynthat I got to meet Marin and to see Thomas once more before we left.  he is such a good person and the university is lucky to have him working on this project.  so after a good meal, and great conversation we came back and we are all very tired,

the computer is not working well so I will upload pictures later.

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