Day 121 – Ian’s birthday and Holiday open house

Hard to believe Ian turned 40 today.. I do remember the day he was born and how traumatic it all was.  I never seem to do things the easy way in life. But believing in reincarnation tells me that there is a lot to be learned through those difficult times. My uncle was a very spiritual man and a devout Catholic and he told me once about how he knows that he had lived before and he knew how he died. It was a great relief to me when he told me his story of going to Mexico and climbing the pyramid there and turning around and seeing the site of his life long occurring dream.  He knew at that moment that he had died while being a laborer on that pyramid as it was being built. He knew he had fallen to his death there and from that day forward that dream that came to him over and over again never came back.  He also knew why he had spent his life afraid of heights.  So I don’t think that it could not be a possibility that I have been around once or twice already.  Since this is a kind of hard road we live on earth and if you believe in a god it makes sense that maybe we need to develop our souls..  When people talk about someone being an old soul, someone filled with wisdom and knowledge – how do you think they got that way? I prefer to think they have been down this road many times and have learned their lessons and I hope one day I will be an old soul.

Anyway, we had a long and fun day today.  Ian and Maya were having a holiday open house, not a birthday party, so the morning was spent getting the house and the food ready.  They were not expecting a large crowd since many of their friends were away visiting family for the holiday. So, I first folded laundry, then cleaned bathrooms and finally was charged with figuring out what bowls and plates to use and to put things on them as they were brought out from the kitchen.  So between us it all worked out and we were ready by noon.

I got to have a visit with two of my brothers today and sister in law Mary. Niece Sarah and nephew Andrew were here also so that was a treat getting to sit and actually have a long conversation with Andrew. He is quite a remarkable man. One pleasant surprise was seeing Chris Holt and his wife and meeting his two adorable little kids. Also met Ian and Maya’s neighbor who just finished her MBA and told her about Kevin Kaiser and as much of his philosophy as I understand. She is going to get his book and see how it fits into her business model for her own business she is starting.  She is a smart woman and has come up with a great consulting idea.

There were tons of little kids all of whom did not have dinner but tons of cookies, chips, fruits, etc.  Lots of 3-5 year old energy around the place. Ian and Maya’s college friend TIm has twin girls who Sol and little Bear love to hang out with and their friend across the street Kennedy and then Chris’ two kids. Endless energy for sure.

It took a bit to get the girls to sleep and in the mean time all the dishes were done, and the only place not cleaned up is the basement which Ian said not to touch until morning. Of course he is going to be out all day tomorrow so we will be there with over tired little girls but it will all happen. At the moment the mom and dad are out doing what Ian loves to do on his  birthday – he is bowling.  Every year we babysit on his birthday so they can go bowling.  It is very calm and quiet here at the moment.

I have pictures to share from the day. It was a fun time.

DSCN4338 DSCN4339 DSCN4340 DSCN4341 DSCN4342 DSCN4343 DSCN4345 DSCN4346

Day 120 – A new adventure everyday and inspiration

Everyone was up very early and for some part of the night as well.  Seems Sol had a dream that her sister threw up in the bed and Sol woke up and ran to get help.. Only problem was it was a dream but by then most of us were at some stage of being awake.  Once they all settled down again things were okay until about 6 am.  Have to admit I could use a good nights sleep at this point.

So up we got most of us by about 8. Kids were not interested in taking the Metro to the Zoo or to Union Station or for going out for a walk initially.  Finally “little bear” decided it would be fun to go for a walk with Grandpa.  Sol did not want to go anywhere. After having a bit of a snack and helping Ian do some cleaning up for their open house tomorrow I went out on my own for a walk up to the Health Food Coop.  Had a lovely walk through the town and saw a lot.  I find that having a camera with me at all times makes me more observant of things. I have to say that is one thing I have learned from the Galway experience.  Sort of like stopping to smell the roses. Taking time to look around and actually see what there is to see opens up a lot of the world that most people just pass by.

Up the road there are the most interesting statues in a couple of front yards.  I was so surprised when I saw them that I stopped and then another lady stopped and we admired the work.  And I noticed the enhancement on the sidewalk. I don’t think it is stone, actually almost looks rubbery but that is okay, it is colorful and fun to see. The colors changed as I walked along.

I shopped, at the check out told the woman there that they really need more gluten or wheat free foods.  I could not find a decent bread in the entire store. I hate the frozen rice breads, they have no flavor and they did not have the kinds of breads that they have in Albany or Galway.   On the way back sitting in the window of the Bistro were Maya, her mom and Sol out for some lunch.  They had finished decorating all the cookies and thought the deserved a reward for their good work. They looked so cute out there together.

Ian, Denis and LIttle Bear had gone out to the doctors to have LB’s glued together rather than stitched hand looked at and re-bandaged. Seems the glue they stuck her together with was not staying the way it should. Then they went to the market for food for tomorrow.  So I was home first and it was so lovely and warm out I sat outside knitting for a while and when Sol got back she and I sat out there doing a puzzle and chatting. She was in a silly mood so it was a fun time.

Later in the afternoon Maya’s sister and family arrived to pick up Mor-Mor to take to their home in Virginia over night before returning her to Baltimore.  I don’t think they plan to come to the open house tomorrow. The new baby was cute, just about three weeks old so very tiny.  The other two kids were cute and seemed excited to see their cousins and get presents.

As soon as the family left we told Ian and Maya to pack up and go out for the evening as they had wanted to for his birthday so off they went and we got a pizza for the girls and ate very late for them.  I gave them some ice cream bites for dessert and then we did a quick kid clean up and had videos and stories and then bedtime.  I read two  Fancy Nancy books. They are really fun to read and I love the use of “big” words in them.  And including names of famous artists and their work. Very nice way to slip in educational material when kids least expect it – or maybe parents and grandparents don’t expect it.

Soon it will be time for sleep. Don’t know how late the kids will be out. Hard to believe Ian is turning 40. I sure remember 40 years ago. What a traumatic couple of weeks those were! But I won’t go into that now.

Here are some pictures from today..

DSCN4318 - CopyDSCN4320 - CopyDSCN4322 - Copy DSCN4324 - Copy DSCN4325 - Copy DSCN4326 - Copy DSCN4327 - Copy DSCN4330 - Copy DSCN4332 - CopyDSCN4334 - Copy

Day 118 – rain, rain, rain and smiles and hugs & Nollaig Shona Duit’

Well, today started out very interesting.   I woke up first at 4:30. wow it was early.  Was not feeling great but tried to sleep again and we both were up by 7 and getting ready to leave.  So we were very pleased that we got going before 9 am. Went to the bank, and Stewarts for coffee then as we drove down Rt. 7 my check engine light came on.  So we turned around and went back to the house and changed cars.  Just another adventure in life.

It rained most of the day  and there was some pretty dense fog from time to time. But the treat was that the traffic was not as bad as we expected and we got to Washington DC in 7 hours. That was fabulous.   Big hugs were waiting for us when we arrrived. Nothing like it.  I got a tour of the house from Sol and got to see their little attic play area which is not tall enough for a five year old to stand up in. Definitely kids stuff.

Had a good dinner = norwegian first recipt with almonds, onions, lemon, asparagus, and cole slaw.  INteresting combination and quite good.  Maya is busy wrapping, her mom was wrapping some things as well. Ian just grabbed stockings and went in the wrapping room and closed the door so I guess some Santa magic is happening.

The girls were thrilled to have grandpa here to jump all over and dance and sing songs with.  They are pretty cute little things. I think they are going to try and sleep in the big bed with us which will be interesting… who will get thrown out first. Grandpa or Grandma…. They tend to roll around a lot.  Little Bear got a cut on her hand today and at the hospital they glued her hand rather than stitching it.

Have some pictures to add of the cuteness.  I think a good nights sleep is called for as tomorrow should be a wild day between Santa, family gifts and just general chaos.  Some time we might take a walk around Tacoma Park to see what it is like there.  NIce they are in a walkable town…

DSCN4254 DSCN4258 DSCN4260 DSCN4261 DSCN4263 DSCN4266