Day 98 – Smiley, Groogy and Grouchy – all those mood in one day

Both of us woke up late, we were very tired.  Denis did not go for his run. I am sure all the walking counts for something. My stomach was not happy either so that delayed our leaving.  But finally we got moving at a time which shall not be revealed. We did a great job taking the subway to the Moule Rouge where the little open train leaves from to bring you up to Montmartre. It would have been a lovely ride on a warm sunny day. On a cloudy, damp, cold day I was so cold… But saw the area and got a feel for what it is like.  Would not like having to walk all the hills as I got older but it truly is beautiful.

We toured the two churches up top. The famous and gorgeous Sacre Coeur. and the little church up there. We met Melinda up there from Austin Texas.  She is here with her boyfriend who is working and she is sightseeing by herself every day during the week.  She seemed to be having a great time and we had a fun chat. Nice to have someone to talk to for a change, no offense Denis but the French are not interested in using their english and I don’t have enough French left at this point to put to many sentences together.  We took the Funicular down the Mont and then found the subway station.

We took the subway to St. Michel and decided it was almost 3 so we went into an italian restaurant and shared a pizza marguerita.  It was a very good version and a nice glass of red wine with it was yummy as well.  We wandered along until we found the Shakespeare and Friends Book Store. It was so good. One of those lovely ones with tons of little rooms and some up to date new books and very old books and also a library where the books are not for sale but you can pick a book, curl up in the chair and have yourself a good read.  A book lovers dream.  We found two books for gifts, one even signed by the author.

Then we wandered along for a bit more and toured around the Church of St. Severn.  They were taping music in there. It was fasinating to watch these two women singing along to kind of new age music all done electronically. I did not see any instruments. I figure it was being done in there for the acoustics.  Was fascinating to listen to and watch. The art in this old Church was amazing there are frescos on the walls that they appear to be resorting. Very old building.

We then went to find a subway as our intention was to take the boat cruise. After being on a train that we had to get off because something had happened up further on the line we found our way to the two stations we needed to use to get here and once standing by the subway I finally told Denis I could go no further. I was so cold and tired. Even the idea of food had no appeal and since we ate lunch so late I just wanted to put my head down for an hour. I woke up at 8 pm so we threw in the towel.  So here are some pictures from today and then I will say good night to everyone around the world.

DSCN3753 DSCN3757 DSCN3771 DSCN3773 DSCN3774 DSCN3778 DSCN3781 DSCN3782 DSCN3786 DSCN3789 DSCN3790 DSCN3795 DSCN3798 DSCN3800 DSCN3802 DSCN3805 DSCN3810 DSCN3813 DSCN3815