New York State

Day 116 – Back Home and Broke – well Maybe!

This morning was a very early one. Alarm went off before 5:45 and then the hotel wake up call came shortly after. We reorganized and headed off to the airport which in Shannon means walking across the parking lot.   It was very smooth going getting through security and then customs.  Some one I know, as usual, complained about taking off shoes especially when the woman in the wheel chair did not have to take hers off.  That is right of course if one were being logical. If we are talking safety then why wouldn’t the person in the wheel chair have to take off theirs as well.  I wonder if she had not been a little old Irish lady but a middle eastern person would they have made that other person take the shoes off for screening???

Anyway, it all went smoothly and they accepted our declaration of our purchases.  Good thing we did not have to list everything we had purchased and mailed home as well.  The plane left on time and United did a good job except for the food.  We had a morning flight so it was weird getting a chicken meal as our first meal on board.  And it tasted terrible. But the TV on the seat in front of me provided me with two decent movies.  I had time for two little rests and we got sandwiches shortly before landing.

In Newark it also went smoothly.  Got off in Terminal C and took a shuttle bus to Terminal A and went to our gate and waited for the plane which was late arriving.  We left almost 40 minutes late but arrived only 15 minutes late so they made up a bunch of time.  Dan was waiting for us at the exit so it was very nice to see him again.  The bags arrived shortly and we were off for home.  A little bit of snow on the ground and the house was all clean and fresh. I do believe someone came over and did some dusting and mopped the floors since there is no dust anywhere.  I am so grateful..

We chatted with Dan for a long while, got a pizza since our time is all messed up.  At the moment it is 7 pm which would be midnight Irish time. No wonder I am beat.  Both my suitcases are unpacked, almost everything put away and tomorrow I will start sorting the various bags I mailed home.  Thank goodness we did all the laundry before we left so I have no dirty cloths.

Skyping with the totally wired little girls was fun this evening. They had just returned home from a day with their friends and their nanny.  I think they said they went some where but they also made Christmas ornaments which they brought home with them.  They just might be a little excited about Christmas and their special visitors –  Denis had a chat with Norah and a short one with Tim so we now know about dinner plans for tomorrow night.

I took some pictures today from the plane and airport. Dan was not expecting me to take his picture so he was not thrilled but was a good sport.  The green  and rainy ones are Ireland and the more populated, brown grass ones are NY State. And the one with snow is our front yard.  Yes, we are home.  Still not sure how I feel about it but I guess it is the beginning of another adventure.  Emails about three meetings already and one outing with the Red Hats to learn about hypnotism. So January won’t be boring.

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