Paris Trip

Day 100 – Fun with the Kaiser Family

Sunshine started the day. The first sun we have seen since arriving in Paris.  We finished packing and cleaning up the apt and headed for the subway.  That part was easy.  Once we got to Gare De Lyon the problems began. It is a huge place and no one in any of the information booths. We found a place to purchase tickets out of a machine but could not find the train we were suppose to take. Something was obviously wrong.  Finally I found a woman with a train jacket on that said something about assistance.  She was very good, took us to a ticket machine for the train we wanted to take but it would not take our credit card since it was a US card with no chip in it.  Finally she found a ticket office and a fellow who helped us out. Then she took us to where our train was leaving from which was very helpful. So we did make the second train after not making the first one.

I called Kate and she met us at the station. It was so great seeing her again.  Then we went to their home stopping along the way at the Bakery to get bread and a dessert.  Kate had lunch ready and Kevin called to say that he and his friend would be along shortly.  So David and Kevin arrived and we had a delightful lunch and I really enjoyed the discussion about corporate life and how to make change in companies with poor leadership – always changing directions or their minds and not really knowing what they want in the end other than that something happen.  LIstening to the success stories make we think of at least one person I know who should start doing some reading on this and maybe take a course.

After lunch we started decorating their huge Christmas tree. Have never seen one that big in a house. Always living in a small house guess it would not be our normal. Looked great in their lovely big room. I liked that they had so many ornaments like we have that the kids made or were gifts from friends etc. It was fun looking at them as they were hung.

Kate and Alexandre left early to get prepared for their concert this evening. Kevin, David, Denis, Andreas and I went out to dinner at a crepe place. It was lovely and I wish I had taken some pictures when we arrived as it was very busy when we left and I really could not take pictures There was wonderful atmosphere in the lovely old building.

Then we went up to this very old Church where Kate and Alexandres concert was taking place. Kevin dropped us off and we went in and got seats.  It was a lovely concert, Benjamin Briton music and nice to see a community group with adult and youth singers. They did a great job.  AFterwards we took a little ride around Fontainebleau. Saw the chateau, the main streets etc. It is lovely and I know I want to return there when I come to France the next time. We dropped David off at the Insead as he is returning to the US in the morning. We came back and sat in the Christmas room and enjoyed the wine, conversation and just being with family.  Lovely evening.

Kevin went on line and got us our boarding passes so we just have to get ourselves to the air port tomorrow. They are driving up to Paris and will drop us off at the train station to take the air France Shuttle bus to the airport. Then it will be back to Dublin and the 2 hour bus trip to Galway and walk home and to bed.  But this week in Paris will be a very happy memory of our time here.  We both really enjoyed being here together and seeing as much as we did was really perfect. And getting to see Kevin and Kate was a perk.

Pictures giving me a hard time uploading so will add more tomorrow. sorry.

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