River Seine

Day 99 – Happy smiles, chills and yummies

Well, even with being a sleep by 10 -10:30 last night we both slept in, I think yesterday was one of those “hit the wall” days one gets when traveling.  We both were very tired.  So, again a slow kind of start to the day. I ate here but Denis had nothing left to eat so we stopped on our way to the subway and he had a very nice looking omelette and I had a croissant. Also very good. Denis is getting to like drinking Espresso and I get a larger coffee – essentially espresso with double the water in it with creme and I am back to putting sugar in my coffee.  But so far it has not made my stomach feel like someone poured acid in it like I do when I drink Starbucks Coffee.

After eating we took the subway to the Invalides and walked down the grassy approach and got some really good picture. Along the way we saw the Canadian Cultural Center and went it to see what it was about. They have a gallery and were showing photos by Serge Clement Depayse from Montreal who was born in Valleyfield.  They were interesting to see.  Then we went around the side of Les Invalides to the Rodin Museum.  I hope when Maureen was in Paris that she visited there. I so remember her getting a statue of the “Thinker” as a graduation present – either high school or college. It impressed me at the time because I had never heard of it. Later when I took Art in College I learned a lot about art.  We both really enjoyed the museum. We split up and gave ourselves two hours to go around. The outside gardens still have roses blooming even in this cold weather.  It must be gorgeous in the springtime which the rhododendrons in bloom and everything else as well.

We got the audios to listen to as we walked about. That was very helpful in really learning about his life, struggles and successes.  We both agreed it was worth the trip to see it.  We had coffee and something to eat there to keep us going.

Then we took the subway back to the Eiffel Tower and found the boat cruise that was part of our Paris Pass. So we took the hour long boat cruise and sat up top almost to the end. Coming back we were into the wind and it was much colder so finally we went in to get a little warmer. When we got off we went over to the Tower but Denis decided the lines were way to long for him to wait to go up.  It was cold and windy and he just was not sure he wanted to do this.

After the cruise we got back on the subway and went to St. Michel again. We walked around for a while and then finally picked a place to eat. It was early but we were both hungry as since breakfast we had had little snacks but not a meal. Denis had a pasta with Salmon which he liked very much. I had a starter salad which was big enough for an entire meal and a crepe with ham and cheese. It was good but way too much as well. They served it with a huge plate of french fries. Weird to my thinking, I mean in Ireland one expects that since they serve potatoes with everything but in France, really!

After eating we headed to the Shakespeare and Company Book Store again and found two more gifts for folks.  It is such a fun place and I could have brought back a library of books but one has to show some restraint at times. We walked around and finally back to the Gelato place we had seen twice and both our mouths were watering so we went in and had small cups of gelato and some coffee.

We got the subway back here and it is almost 9 pm and I think we will crash early again as tomorrow we are heading to the Kaisers and want to be awake for our visit with them. I am quite excited to see them and their home in France. They are going to decorate their Christmas tree and then Kate and Alexandre are going to sing in a concert tomorrow evening. That will be great to hear.

So, will now upload todays pictures and see how we made out. My battery seems to be dying so I can only take about 50 pictures a day before it dies on me. Good thing it is towards the end of our four months and not the beginning.

DSCN3821 DSCN3825 DSCN3831 DSCN3832 DSCN3836 DSCN3844 DSCN3846 DSCN3848 DSCN3860 DSCN3863