Day 113 – Two days and counting – but what a fun day today

Woke up feeling much rested this morning.  It was sunny and it felt like a day to get things done.  First on the list was going on the bus to Spiddal to the Craft Village which we both really like and there was something there I wanted to buy for the guys.  We had about an hour and a half so we both worked on some projects- I did some more packing and tried to figure out what we need to mail home that is not a gift for someone.  I may end up mailing home pjs and sandals just to make room in the suit case. OH well, we have bought so much and even with sending at least five packages home we still have so much extra.  should have been sending things home from day one but who knew right?

We got the 11:20 bus to Spiddal. It was a lovely ride along the coast and I saw people swimming in Salthill, beautiful horses along the way, and green grass every where. Ah Ireland, what a gorgeous place.  We got off in town and walked back to the Craft Village.  There are about six to seven shops open at this time of year and the coffee shop.  We went into the jewelry place first, the fellow remembered me from when Rich and Laura and I were there.  There was something I thought we should buy but Denis was not up for it. He is concerned about the packing and how we are going to get things home.

Anyway, we went to various shops and got the things plus some extras items.  The coffee shop was so crowded, the schools let out at noon for the holidays so there were teachers taking up all the tables for their farewell holiday lunch.  So we walked into the town and went into the pub. Unfortunately another schools teachers were in there. We got a table but getting lunch took quite awhile so it was not a relaxed lunch. We wanted to catch the 2:10 bus so were rushed.  It would have been a very nice lunch otherwise.  I quite enjoyed the sandwich but took much longer to get it served to me than for me to eat it.

We walked to where the bus comes and there were quite a few people waiting and more came along.  Below the bridge where it had been a slow moving rambling creek in October there was now a flooded woodland. The water was every where and fast moving.  One area looked like a fairyland with moss and creek and dead trees hanging over. It was quite lovely.

We got back and went back to the apt expecting to go on line to see the grandgirls holiday program at school. Then after all the rushing we found out that they were not live streaming it so we could not see anything.  Ian did send a picture later of Asta not singing but having a good time with her class.  She is such a little imp.

I decided the timing was perfect for me to return my bike to the rental place. So off I went walking with the bike up to the shop. It is about a mile away so it was a good healthy hike.  I remember the first time I walked up that way I got so lost. Now I knew exactly where to go so that in itself was an accomplishment.  I tried to convince them to purchase my bike helmet from me but they were not interested. I am going to try another shop tomorrow where I bought it.  If not I will offer it to them if they promise to give it to some one who needs it, or maybe they can tell me where to donate it. I got my 100 euros back from the deposit on the bike lock so that was good. Then I walked back to the apt and stopped and got myself a hot chocolate at Arabica and boy was that ever good. I think I will have to get another tomorrow. Good thing I did not know about how good they would be before this.

Frank called and wanted to verify when we wanted to go to Shannon as he is determined to drive us down there in thanks for my calling him about our issues with the program.  I love their tours and want to see them be successful.  Tomorrow I will try and find out if I can get our money back from the bus tickets. IF not we will just write it off.

I cooked dinner which was not very good.  We are winding down and using up anything I can find in the cabinets.  Tomorrow night we are going to the Spanish Arch for dinner at 6 pm since Feedback will be playing then and we enjoy their music.

Knitted and watched Tv this evening. Have not done just that in a long while.

Have a question for you all.  If I were to continue to write would anyone still read it – just leave a comment as I want to get some feedback.  What is good about this? Would people be interested if I blogged about family history or day to day life of a retired person?  This diary has been very helpful to me as I know that I have no idea what I was doing back in September since the days have been so full.  So personally I find this a good thing for me and also I have to think about writing style etc. So any comments would be welcome. Especially the new folks who just started following recently who don’t know me at all.

HEre are some pictures from today of Spiddal and the coast and of my favorite Heron who was sitting on the wall where Sheila and I first saw him/her.

DSCN4173 DSCN4175 DSCN4176 DSCN4180 DSCN4181 DSCN4190 DSCN4195 DSCN4198 DSCN4201 DSCN4202 DSCN4206DSCN4205