Union Station

Day 122 – almost the end and I am no better than chopped meat

After a very busy day yesterday today started out slowly for some of us.  Ian left early to go to the Fire Museum in Baltimore County where he is on the Board and they were having an open house.  So eventually the girls and the rest of us were fed and dressed and heading out to the Farmers Market.  We walked around a very nice market and then  walked down to the Metro and went into Union Station  in DC to see their train set up and to have some lunch.  The little girls were tired to start with and then had cookies and brownie for a morning snack and by lunch time Little Bear was hungry and usual but Sol was getting tired and ate some but not a lot. So eventually we got back on the metro and went home.  LB was falling asleep on the train and once home Grandpa read to her and she went to sleep.  Sol on the other hand melted down completely which was sad since she was so tired and yet is past that having a nap every day so giving in to having a sleep was not going to happen.

The train set up had three trains going round it. One a mountain one with logs, then a freight train with a guy sitting on the back of one of the cars waving to people and a third like a little trolley. It was a lovely set up.  At Union Station there are tons of restaurants to choose from.  I ended up getting fries with cheese and a cup of lemonade.  LB ate half the fries and Sol drank the lemonade. Quite the event really.  Then LB ate a grilled cheese sandwich, some fruit and had half a bottle of water. She has quite the appetite.

It is now about 5 pm and I will finish this later. Tomorrow is a travel day for us so hopefully the weather will cooperate.

The chopped meat refers to the fact that the two girls have little to do with me. No holding my hand when they cross the street – has to be grandpa or mommy, or stories at bedtime, has to be grandpa. One night I did get to read a story but that was it. They go in spurts. sometimes they will let me but then they revert to only wanting grandpa.

We went out to dinner tonight at Mark’s Kitchen.  It was a good meal. They have a combination of burgers, and Korean foods, salads etc.  It was pleasant. Nice to be where you can walk to get to something. Or like last night Ian and Maya took the metro down a stop or two and then walked to where they were going to eat.   The kids are getting settled down for the night, we are all tired and Ian has to work tomorrow and we have to go home.  Will stop in Binghamton to see Bill and Gail just to catch up and then we will get home in the early evening. Figure we will leave around 9. So we shall see how it all goes. Take Ians directions to get here and just reverse them. Being the week between Christmas and New Years I don’t think there should be “that” much traffic since tons of people take vacation.

Pictures of the Tacoma Park Farmers Market, Union Station and our walking to and from.

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