Day 115 – no days and counting or was that crying?????

So here we sit at Shannon Airport in the Radison Inn waiting for 6am to go across to the airport to check in.  It was a good and a sad day.  Our first outting was to the Claddagh Church for Mass at 10 am. Then to Arabica for Breakfast. French toast was very good. One little girl wanted to say hi to Santa. She was quite shy but really thought she was seeing the real guy.

We went back and tried to finish packing, clean up the kitchen and get ready to leave.  We thought once we were ready we might go out for a walk, but then what happened…. The rains came.  We did go up to Meteor after a very frustrating phone call to them by Denis.  He ended up finding out he has to call in the morning or tuesday to cancel his phone service so they won’t be charging him automatically.   Mine was fine since it is a monthly one and you have to go on line and use your credit card to add minutes. It will just die off and then the next person can use it.

We had some cheese and crackers – nothing in the house to drink but water. I had thrown everything out. We heard a knock on the door and lo and behold it was a happy surprise – Irene had come on her way to lunch to say good bye again.  I hope they come to visit us some time. I know we will be back to see them.

Frank Fahey called and confirmed he would be picking us up so we were ready by 3:15. He came at 3:30 as arranged and we headed out.  We went first to near Gort to see the Castle that WB Yeats had renovated for his wife George. It is fabulous and in a lovely location.  Then he took us to an ancient monastic site which is so great. There is a huge leaning tower there, an active cemetery and lots of additional buildings. Looks like a smaller version of Clonmachnoise.  Was happy to see it. I asked him if they would consider doing a tour around easter County Galway which would include Athenry.  He had a list of places that could go on such a tour and he said they would name it after me.  We had a drink at the hotel and then said farewell to Frank.

After getting rid of our coats we went down to dinner and are now in our room watching TV and contemplating sleep even thought it is only 7:30.  So tired and know tomorrow will be a very long day.

Will write some tomorrow about our return and our feelings about being back home.  It has to happen so I guess that withdrawl will be normal.  We were laughing over dinner about where we could go for a drink.  No place compares to any place in Galway. Never did go out to drink so I guess that phase of life is over for a while.

My camera battery seems to have died after 5 months on the job. I realize I took a ton of pictures so the question will be if I have to store it in my big bag since all electronics have to be in working order to go on carry on. Hope no one steels it.

Wish I had some pictures from today but sadly the camera was not working. Frank is going to send me some pictures he took and I will add them later.

Be well all and see you on the other side of the pond. And I am still waiting for additional comments about whether to continue to blog or not?

Day 114 – One day and counting – tears and sadness and fond goodbyes

Denis was up and out by 4:45 am to go to see the students off.  There were lots of tears and no one wanted to get on the bus. They each sat alone on the bus probably to hide their tears and to go back to sleep on the ride to Dublin.  A few of them were not leaving with the rest and some of their Irish roommates came to see them off. Very nice at that hour of the morning although it could be that none of them had been to bed yet.  Denis returned and went back to sleep.

Arabica for breakfast was our first stop of the day.. Denis wanted to eat a full Irish Breakfast before we left.  It was way more than he would normally eat and he could not finish it all.  Looked good but was way too much for me.  Even the bowl of granola and yougurt was too much for me.  But it was nice to be there and we will probably be there again tomorrow.

We got up to another day of packing, sorting and going to the post office to mail what we thought were just too heavy to put in the suitcases.  The books we bought for ourselves are going via ship so we won’t see them for several weeks. The other items will be at the house in about 7 days.  Wow, what a life.. We also went to the Farmers Market to replace Eleana’s gift and get it right this time. Spelt her name wrong the first time. We were not shopping for food and the temptation to purchase other items was so strong.  We enjoyed that walk and felt better once we had sent off that box of books.

I set up a date to meet Irene for coffee at 2 pm.  Denis went off to the post office again with one more package and then he met us at Arabica.  It was a lovely visit and I am so sad to be losing this new friend.  Irene is so warm and friendly and has helped me so much during our stay.  She is a Kerry girl and so proud of it.  Her sister also came along and we got to meet her as well.  I gave Irene some little gifts and she answered our final questions – things like where to put the keys to the apt, where to store the items we are leaving for the next professor etc.

We then took a walk out on the Promenade, will try to go again tomorrow but if it is raining too much at least we walked a bit there today.  Denis plans to run the distance and kick the wall tomorrow – that is running all the way to Salt Hill and there is a wall there that they say they kicked which signifies that they did it.  We walked back up Shop Street. There are so many people there this weekend shopping. Wall to wall people.  We stopped in a couple of shops and said farewell to some of the folks we have gotten to know a bit.

At 6 we are going to the Spanish Arch for dinner so will finish this when we return.  Just wanted to start now.

We went to the Spanish Arch for dinner. Fish and Chips for our last meal in Galway.  It was very good and we had a lovely dessert which was called something else but certainly tasted like “Death by Chocolate’. It was sooooo good.  We stayed an hour longer to listen to the music and talked about what we liked about our stay here.  One thing for sure was that the time we spent together in evenings was actually more like dating. We shared wonderful walks along the water, and in town and stopping to shop or to have a drink in a pub.  As we left the Spanish Arch we got hugs goodbye which was nice.  We have enjoyed listening to Feedback and are bringing back their cd.

The Irish people have been so kind and welcoming to us and it has been nice as we walked around the town having people say goodbye and wishing us well..  They remember when we were leaving and have been so good to us and helpful all the time.

Well, going to try and post some pictures of Galway I took today of some of our favorite places and sites.

DSCN4208 - Copy DSCN4211 DSCN4212 DSCN4213 DSCN4215 DSCN4216 DSCN4218 DSCN4219 DSCN4221 DSCN4222

Day 112 -Sarah on her way home, three days and counting

Wow, what a day. Up at 6:30 to walk Sarah to the bus and get her off.  Then when we arrived at the bus station there was a student there from Boston U who stopped Denis since she saw his jacket with the Union on it.  Her sister had graduated in Poli Sci last year.  They had a little chat, the bus pulled up and we got Sarah on and off she went.  Messaged during the day and she was boarding on schedule in Shannon and on her way home.  Sad to have her go. We had fun together and I think she enjoyed  her vacation and for sure will be back in Ireland sooner than later.

I went home and back to bed. LIstened to WAMC from yesterday. I love that I can hear the Roundtable every day… I slept on and off for a bit.  Gerald came and took the chairs back next door that we had borrowed last night. What a great party! The kids stayed much longer than we expected but I think they knew this was the last time they would be together and were really feeling the loss. I know I am hating the idea of leaving!

The weather was awful. Rained all day and we got soaked this morning. Real Irish winter weather. I was surprised that the pants were soaked through so had to change.  Did a laundry and cleaned up the final dishes from last night.  Finished Mary Eileen’s latest historical novel and took another nap. Also got some knitting done.

WE had a simple supper and went to our last Bodhran lesson.  It was fun but I felt very sad. I love that group  and we have had a good time, lots of laughs and learned something we would not have ever thought of learning at home.  It helped us get in touch with a little piece of Irish culture.  Cannot wait to continue when we get home. I am sure I can find lessons at a HIbernians there somewhere.

Afterwards we did a bit of shopping and stopped at the Spanish Arch for a drink. The fellows in the band spoke to us about how great Sarah was.  She really had fun singing with them and they hope she comes back again. We will probably go to dinner there on Saturday evening since they will be playing from 6 pm on.

Got a call today from Frank at the tour place to discuss my concerns. We had a very good chat and he asked if he could transport us to the airport to thank me for helping him out and referring so many folks to them.  I really like their tours and would recommend them to anyone coming to Galway. I have to find out if I can cancel our bus tickets.

Have some pictures of our good bye drink at Tig Coili with Sarah last night.

DSCN4171 DSCN4172

Day 111 – Cha d’dhùin doras nach d’fhosgail doras

Got up later than planned, Sarah had decided not to go to the Aran Isles which turned out to be a very good decision.  She got up and left about 10 to “breathe in” Galway on her last day of her big trip.  Smart woman.  She did not take her camera but has her phone that will help her if she sees something in this rain to photograph.

I stayed in bed until my 70 year old bones felt like getting up.  I heard that Gerald and the guy he hired were upstairs fixing the table which broke but I did not hear them leave so I assume I was sleeping again.  HA!!!;  But I knew there was work to be done so I got myself up.  Twenty or so students are coming to dinner tonight so I thought a little cleaning might be required and furniture rearranging.  So the place is vacuumed, more ice made, bathrooms cleaned etc. Packing also got some attention. Not sure where everything will go in my suitcases even with the five bags I mailed home.  But will work on it a little bit tomorrow. I have souvenir type things I want to bring home for my scrapbook so might spent 10 euro and mail them home. There are things I don’t want not to be home when I get there to take to the girls – I finally found some Irish dolls for little girls. They are soft but the outfits are kind of Irish and they can play with them and if they ruin them it won’t matter since they were not hugely expensive.  The books are going to take up weight and I want to put them into my carryon so am trying to put all clothes etc in the other bag..

Denis came home and then went out shopping for a bit more for this evening.  I am going to read for a bit and then will finish this before I go to bed.  Later guys.

Well it is now midnight. What an interesting evening. The kids came at 6 pm. and were very chatty and noisy really. Unlike the last time when they seemed to be so formal etc.  I think it is the end of the term and they are all sad about breaking up such a good group.  Denis ordered Pizza and the students brought salad, drinks, desserts etc.  It all worked out just fine. It has really been a successful time for all of them and they are nice people. We chatted about their service learning projects and some of their courses, plans for the future etc.  I would love to be able to hear about them in 10 years time to see what they are all doing. Such bright accomplished young folks.  Sarah seemed to have a good time chatting with them as well.

AFter then left Denis, SArah and I went to Tig Coili for a farewell drink, well two actually.  I think Sarah had a good time here and accomplished a lot on her wish list and learned that she wants to come back and see more. I think she would like to find a way to come here to work.  It gets to you in a very short time that this is a special place.

So tomorrow we all are getting up at 6:30 and going to see Sarah off on the bus to Shannon.  Then I will come back and go to bed and Denis will go to work. His last day, cleaning out the office and handing in his keys etc. Sad day.

Here are some pictures. One is of one of the Bog Bodies from the National Museum and then some of the party this evening.

DSCN4159 DSCN4162 DSCN4166 DSCN4170

Day 110 – Bog Bodies, rain and a great meal

Today was Sarah and My last day in Dublin. I think we were able to see and do a lot. we were very tired when we returned from the theatre and neither of us had an easy time falling asleep.  As a result the plan to get up and be out by nine was squashed as neither of us woke up.  So about ten we started to back up and get ready to check out at eleven.  we were truly dragging.

We ate at the little cafe down on Fishamble Street and then walked all the way to the wrong museum. … Went to the natural history first and when we saw all the stuffed birds and other animals we knew we were in the wrong place…  we managed to walk back around the long block to the Acheology and History museum and found the display on the Hill of Tara which was just wonderful and the Bog Bodies.  they were fantastic to see.  We spend about and hour there and we were both done with museums.  we walked over and caught the Hop on Hop Off bus over to where we were staying and stopped for a little lunch, potato leak soup,yummmm.  And then walked across and got Sarah some strong coffee and a snack and proceeded to go to the hotel to claim our baggage.  they just gave us the key to the storage room and told us we could get our own out.  I love the trust level of people.  heart warming really..

then as we were ready to leave the rain had started so we hustled down to the Citylink office and waited inside until the bus was coming.  we both slept most of the way back to Galway.  When we arrived it was windy and rainy so by the time we got to the apt we were soaked, at least the front of us.

after saying hi to Denis and showing him some of our purchases we changed to go out to dinner.  We met Thomas and his wife Marion at the Dail and had a wonderful meal and conversation.   Was somhappynthat I got to meet Marin and to see Thomas once more before we left.  he is such a good person and the university is lucky to have him working on this project.  so after a good meal, and great conversation we came back and we are all very tired,

the computer is not working well so I will upload pictures later.

DSCN4024 DSCN4028 DSCN4034 DSCN4039 DSCN4041 DSCN4045 DSCN4054 DSCN4056 DSCN4061 DSCN4064 DSCN4079 DSCN4087 DSCN4091 DSCN4096 DSCN4097 DSCN4116 DSCN4125 DSCN4128 DSCN4131 DSCN4133 DSCN4141 DSCN4142 DSCN4145 DSCN4146 DSCN4149 DSCN4150 DSCN4153 DSCN4154 DSCN4156 DSCN4160

Day 107 – Such a day….. or why nothing works! But we still had fun… and you never know who you will meet!

Well, waking up to still having no internet was like going into full blown withdrawl. I am really hooked on my network.  So what to do. Sarah who went to bed very early in the morning was finally up before noon, I woke her at 10:30 thinking she had gotten in at one time when in truth it was much later.  But being a trooper she got up. We called Gerald about the internet being out and he said he would be down to work on it.

We went to the farmers market and met up with five Union/HWS students.  They are such lovely young people, how lucky are we to have them with us. We got some of the wonderful yummy  donuts and a few little gift items. Denis got his bagel and I got some muffins for tomorrow on the bus to Dublin.

We went back. Sarah went to the coffee shop to write and we went up to see about the internet.  We finally were able to connect to the net in the apt next door and turns out our internet machine was blown. So no wonder it has not been working very well.  Once that was fixed and we had a bit of a visit with Irene and then Gerald and Sarah returned. First she went out and took pictures of the Farmers Market and then the three of us went to Charlie Byrnes wonderful Book Store and then to the Christmas Market.  We finally had some of the little Belgian pancakes with lemon and sugar. They were yummy, like the donuts this morning, bad for one but so good to eat.

We had trouble deciding about dinner, one place we wanted to eat in had a 40 minute wait so we decided to get a pizza and go back to the apt. So Denis went to get a pizza and Sarah and I went to get a bottle of wine to go with the dinner.  Sarah was hoping to do out with a new friend but that fizzled out.  We went to a concert at St. Nicholas Church and she stayed at the apt to take a nap. The group singing was the Cois Chadaigh. They were wonderful. They sang some lovely music from Spain, Ireland, Scotland, England etc. All Christmas themed music but not the normal Christmas Carols.  The concert was a fund raiser for a homeless aid organization called Galway Simon.

Now here was the interesting part, aside from the very good music, acoustics and setting.  At the start this woman asked everyone to shake hands with the person sitting next to them that they did not know – I turned to the fellow sitting next to me and he said his name was John and I said I was Margaret Brennan, He laughed and said well guess what? I am John Brennan. I got Denis’ attention and introduced them.  Then John says he has an Uncle Denis who lived in Albany NY.  Just then the concert started and he said he would tell us more afterwards.  Well for those of you who know the Albany Diocese, you might know about the story of Denis Brennan. Turns out that he was the uncle of this fellow and we knew the story of Denis’ going from Denis to Denise. It was quite the coincident.

Anyway, great evening for sure.  Ah the adventures of life. wonder what life will be like in three weeks when we are back home with Denis getting ready to start teaching and me getting the house back together and figuring out the next stage of my life.  Back to Tai Chi, Chair Yoga, no more Trad music, Jamison and Ginger, walks by the Bay, oh my dear, what is life going to be like…. bah… hate to think about it so will stop doing it now.

DSCN4012 DSCN4015 DSCN4018 DSCN4019 DSCN4022

Day 106 – So Sorry Barbara Reid and “Cup an Tae”

Going to start this again just now since we will be out late again this evening.  This morning was one of a bit of confusion.  We were going to get up and go to Connamara but then I really was not feeling great so Sarah was going to go on her own. Then we found out it would be the same tour leader as yesterday and she really was not prepared to go along with him.  So we ended up canceling out and I told the fellow why which of course upset Sarah since she did not want to get anyone in trouble, but then I told her I really like the company and the tours they provide and having a driver who has boundary issues is not good for business.  As you can tell there was much more to the story than I have shared.

Anyway, we took it very lazy and slow so did not get out very early.  We first, Denis, Sarah and I , walked out the Promenade as she had not had one sunny day to see how lovely it is. I just love being out there walking and enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air.  When Sarah went to get out her camera all the pigeons came from near and far because they figured she had bread for them, WRONG, they were quite disappointed and actually turned their backs on her. We had a good laugh over that.   It was a lovely walk and although dark clouds came and went we enjoyed it.

Then we went over to the Galway Museum and gave ourselves an hour to go through it.  They had some new displays that I really enjoyed.  They had old pictures of Galway and it was fun seeing what it looked like over 100 years ago. especially the center of the city.  They have great artifacts in there from pre-historic times and on up. It seems when ever they do any digging they find old coins, and metal items as well as pottery pieces etc from long ago. Love that stuff.

After the museum we went to Cup a Tae for just that and Sarah and I had the soup – Sweet potato, apple, carrots and turmeric. It was yummy… Denis had very tasty looking Bruscetta. It was nice. Then when we came out it was starting to rain so we went into the kids toy store for a bit. When  we came out it was raining more so we came back here since later we are going out to a concert at the Town Hall Theatre.  So quiet at the moment but who knows what will happen next.

Well, what an eventful evening. Right before we left for the Sean Keane Concert the power went out for the lights upstairs.  We waited for Gerald to come and fix the switches and then he gave us a ride up to the Town Hall Theatre which is very nice.. The concert was great.  Some Trad music but also some American Appalachian music as well.

Afterwards we walked down to the Spanish Arch. Turns out in Galway this was 12 pubs night – aka the 12 days of Christmas. There were young people all over the place with Christmas sweaters on who were trying to drink in 12 pubs. Not a great activity by nights end.  The band Feedback was playing although the drum player was at a gig somewhere else. They all seem to plan in multiple groups.  We listened to some music and then left Sarah there to hang out with some of the folks.  She met a fellow from the Netherlands who was here with a group visiting farms and seeing how the Irish farms work.

When we got home there was no internet available to us. Not one in the building was working so I am so sad that I broke my chain of not missing a day of blogging. So this is many hours late and Barbara, I love that you read this over breakfast so I guess on Sunday you can read two..

Will blog again later today before bed and then tomorrow night from Dublin.

And to make things complete, the pictures refuse to upload into this post.. go figure. been an interesting week of goofy things happening.

DSCN3991 DSCN3994 DSCN4001 DSCN4003 DSCN4006 DSCN4008 DSCN4011

Day 105 – Can it be true????? Singing sensation in Galway

Adventures never stop.  Got up this morning early and got Sarah over to Jury’s to meet John for her tour of  the Cliffs of Moher. He gets there – and tells us the Cliffs of Moher are closed but he will give her a wonderful tour around Clare and she will see lots of interesting things.  So, oh well, give it another shot.  So I left her with him to go off on her tour.

I get back to the Granary Suites and the key will not work in the door. Appears we are locked out. I went up to ask Kathleen are Arabica what time Gerald usually shows up.  She suggested I go and try the door again and if it is still locked to come back and they will call Gerald.  I went back to a locked door so then walked back up, ordered a coffee and figured I would have to wait a bit.  One of the woman from the Spanish Language Institute was in the shop also locked out but she knew what the problem was. There is a little button on the lock and you can only open it from the inside if someone hits that button. So, that was the problem.  So the nice woman got someone inside the building to come and open the door.  That was good for all of us I guess. Then I got thinking about what if someone hit that button when they came in at 9 pm and we showed up at 9:30pm and had no way to get in. What a pain that would be.

Once in the building I decided it was time to go to work on cleaning for a change.  So did a laundry and then washed the floor and the cabinets and swept the wood floor.  Such an exciting day I was having. It is very gray and eventually the rain returned and it is not a great day outside although, yes, I did venture out. In fact, I did quite well for myself. I headed out when it was not raining – went to the Bank of Ireland for some cash – always like having some cash in my pocket. Then I went to the Ulster Bank to exchange the pounds I have for euros.. Went okay but they don’t take change, have to do that at the airport.  So, I guess I will go that as we are leaving.

Then I went to the post office and mailed two more packages home.  One with brochures from some places we visited and then  one with more presents….  So, I have been checking my baggage and I think I will be okay with what I have to pack. the books will be heavy but I will put them in my carry on and the other brochures and last minute gifts will have to fit into the suitcase with the bodhran.   So then I left the post office and went for groceries and got myself some goodies. We just can’t function if we run out of Keogh’s potato chips.  Love them to pieces… all of us, everyone who has visited and had some. They are the best ever!!!!! So I am set for two evenings.  Then I was walking by this book store and saw a book I hope I have not already purchased for Asta a.k.a. LIttle Bear.  Yes, a book about LIttle Bear. So cute a story and I hope she will like it. Since I got her something I figured I had to get Sol something as well. So I found something she could play with and share with her sister.  We shall see.

The rain really had started coming down then so I got home quite wet.. I was glad I had on my rain jacket and not just my brand new NUIG sweatshirt hoodie.  That would have been very wet if I had been wearing it.  So now I guess I will stop this until later since we have our lessons this evening and Sarah to get back home and then we are going to the Spanish Arch for music and maybe playing and singing. Never know what might happen over there.

Went to our lesson which went quite well. Some of the folks won’t be there next week so we took a picture of the group for me and then some of the folks came with us over to the Spanish Arch.  I had the Bodhran but did not play it over there. They play way too fast a reel for me to keep up. Maybe in a years time I will be able to do it.  Sarah had quite the day on her tour. Luckily a couple of New Foundland were there as well. The tour driver bought her lunch etc.. Guess he took a shine to her. Melanie, watch out, someone has taken your place. It was the same fellow that we went on the tour before.

The music was great and it was fun getting to know more about the folks in our class. Love hearing about Michela’s time in Australia and to learn that Marielle is her mom, not her buddy. That was a start.. They both look young to me.   Sarah got to sing two songs with the guys which was fun.  I think they were impressed… It was a fun time. Denis went home before we did and we stayed and talked to Barbara and then her husband when he got there to pick her up. Loved hearing about how they lived and worked in one of the Indian Residential School in BC back in the 80s.   It was

a grand time. Check out facebook to see videos of Sarah singing. She was great  DSCN3983 DSCN3989

Day 104 – Wind, rain, sunshine and rainbows

Well, wow what an interesting day.  Turns out this is called a Weather Bomb that we are experiencing here. Something about unusual winds from Iceland that are very fierce and strong.  No doubt about that. Makes one shiver just to hear the wind hitting the building and watching the rain go sideways.  They are talking about 70 foot high waves.  Surfers heaven I guess but they say it is coming the wrong direction so won’t be able to surf them.

Got up to the rain and wind but finally decided we would venture out inspite of the weather. Miracle of miracles the rain stopped and we had blue skies as we walked around Galway.  First we went to the Dragons and Donuts shop to see the donuts Norah told us to go and get.  The designs on them are great.  I did not find the taste really that good but the designs on there were fabulous. Sarah got a coffee and a donut and I just got a donut.  Pictures attached.

We walked up the canal to the Cathedral, stopped in there and while inside a big wind blew through. Got to see their creche in the cathedral which is very lovely.  When we came out it stopped again so we decided to walk over to the University.  We went and visited with Denis and then went over to the oldest building on campus, The Quad, so Sarah could see it and get some pictures.

We left there and walked down and through some shops.  We found a locally made gift shop and both of us got some nice things there.  Then we went further shopping and Sarah found some great things for her family and friends. We went to lunch in a little restaurant where Denis and I went the day we arrived.  I was hoping they would have the same salad on the menu but they did not. Had a chicken and bacon sandwich which was very good. Enjoyed it a lot.

Then we did a little more shopping well looking and finally decided to head for home as Denis would be coming along soon and he did not have a key to get in.  I made dinner and then we went out for a walk and to see if we could find some open shops and some music to listen to.  The place was deserted.  The wind and the cold kept everyone at home tonight. We went to the Sweater Shop and the young woman in there we have gotten to know a bit were obviously bored so we had a grand conversation while Sarah shopped.  Again she found some very nice items and then we went looking for music. Nothing at Spanish Arch to my disappointment but there will be music tomorrow night. So we went up to Tig Coili. Well they were not playing but there were people and then some free singing from folks at the bar. It was quite fun listening to them. I will put some videos on facebook of the two guys who were singing. I missed getting a picture of the one guy who ended up standing on a stool belting out a song. It was a pretty successful day all in all inspite of the weather.

Got Sarah booked for a tour to the Cliffs of Moher tomorrow so she will be up on the cliffs fighting the wind.. Cannot wait for the stories about that adventure.  I think Denis and I are both tired. He found running this morning very hard in the wind. He said his one foot kept kicking his other foot.. the wind would blow it over.

Got pictures of the rainbow sort of. and some of the things we did today.

DSCN3960 DSCN3965 DSCN3966 DSCN3968 DSCN3969 DSCN3970 DSCN3978 DSCN3972 DSCN3958

Day 103 – Singing Sarah Arrives in Galway along with Heavy Winds

Yes indeed it is very windy here today.  I woke up to the sound of wild wind and maybe rain.  It sure was noisy in the morning and most of the day.. But like a good Auntie I got up and out to the bus station to meet the 9:45 bus from Shannon Airport with Sarah on board. Her flight had arrived at 5:15 = almost a full hour ahead of schedule. Guess that wind really made it fly fast.  So she was totally stoked up on caffeine and very excited to start her adventure.

We walked through town and stopped and got her breakfast at Arabica Coffee Shop out front. Just before we got there the rain started again but we survived and took time over breakfast to chat and catch up.  Once I gave her a tour of the apt I suggested that she take a nap while I met Denis and we went to Boots the Chemist to get our flu shots.  She did and we did.  It was kind of interesting really.  For 20 euro’s they give you the shot, the education piece and they take about 9 euros off because they give you a bottle of Vitamin C and another anti virus spray which costs in total about 9 euros.  Interesting anyway.

Denis went back to work and I went to the apt and did some cleaning and sorting in the bedroom and threw away a bunch of excess papers.  It was a good thing as it made me feel like I had done something. Then I went up and started watching some TV and read a bit and gave Sarah some extra time to sleep. She had looked so tired and had not slept on the plane.  We planned to meet some friends of hers at 4:30 at the Kings Head and then have dinner so she ate a little snack and then we headed out.

We got there and continued our catching up on family conversation and waited for the others. Denis came along but the friends were delayed and never were able to get there.  So we had drinks and then eventually some supper.  Then we went across the street to Tig Couli to listen to the music.  It was a good group in there this evening.  We stayed a bit and then went down the street to see if anything was happening but there were no more musicians to be found so we walked around by the water and came to the apartment.

I suspect Sarah will get to bed pretty darn early and be up and ready to explore tomorrow. Not sure how cooperative this weather is going to be but we will forge ahead anyway.  The wind is the tricky thing, the rain is not an issue. Sightseeing in the wind is not as easy and just ignoring the rain and going out.  So we shall see what we can do to show her as much as we can around here tomorrow.

DSCN3953 DSCN3955