Union College

Day 102 – Back to Our Galway Adventure and Blue Teapot Theatre

Boy was I tired this morning and so happy to sleep in as long as I wanted to.  It was delightful.  Denis tells me I was so deep in sleep even rolling me over did not stop my snoring and keeping him up. Poor fellow.

I ate and went out and got some food and did an inventory of what we have to eat before we go home. On the way up shop street there was a fellow with a wagon, a donkey and two dogs and some birds. I did not have the camera so I went home and got the camera and headed on back. I first went to Boots thinking I could get a flu shot but I had to make an appointment so I did and then headed back to take pictures. Met a couple from Donegal who were visiting Galway for a couple of days.  The wife talked about what a perfect get away city it is.  I could not help but agree.

Got back and finished a load of laundry and spend some time knitting and watching a Mrs Marple movie. I love this one channel that does nothing but detective shows.  Just my favorite shows.

AFter dinner, first one cooked in over a week – we headed out to see a play at the Blue Teapot Theatre.  It is a wonderful program for folks with disabilities here in Galway. They have a three year theatre training program. And they have another group that uses the experience for social development etc.  They put on a play and it was wonderful. We sat with one of the Dads and he talked about how his daughter is so excited to be in the program, she is in the three year actors training program for higher functioning folks. One of Denis’ students did her service learning project there and loved it and was so proud of her folks in the play.

We walked over and back and it was a lovely evening.  I was cold this morning but by this evening I was use to the temps again and not so chilly.  Have to get up to go to the bus station tomorrow morning to pick up my Sarah.  Should be a wonderful time.

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Day 94- Santa run and other fun

Other than packing our day really started around 11:30 when we walked out to the Promenade for the Santa Run to raise money for childrens hospital or some such cause.   Everyone in the race gets and is expected to wear their Santa Suit or they don’t get a medal when they finish the race.   We met up with three of the students – the two from Union were running and Dan from Hobart was taking pictures and cheering.  He had made two signs, ” the end is coming” and “you will prevail”. it was fun to watch the runners faces when they read this signs.  We took some pictures, before,, during and after. The best part was Denis being the only runner with a real beard so lots of “Hay Look the real santa is here” and questions about why he was not up at the NOrth Pole.  It was lots of fun.  While the others ran Dan and I chatted about the year and what he wants to do when he gets back to school. He is a very nice fellow and I have enjoyed several conversations with him during this semester.

After the run Haley and Mike had a tennis match – they are on the NUIG Tennis team when they are available to play. Mike is on the Union team at home and maybe Haley is as well. She comes from Tiverton Rhode Island where I use to work as a nanny in the summers for Phil and Larry McGourty.  We have chatted about that in the past.  Mike is from Guilderland so is a local guy.  Dan is from Geneva and goes to college in town but lives on campus.

Denis and I went for lunch at Arabica and then back here. I ran up to the drug store to pick up something and he was doing some work.  We have everything we need for Paris we hope. Boarding passes, bus tickets, ride from the airport etc.

Soon we are leaving for our first public Bohran playing. Have to admit I am a bit concerned about making a fool of myself. I am bringing my music with me. I hope to get someone to take a couple of pictures and maybe a little video so I can see what we look iike and sound like.  so will finish this when I return.

What a fun time we had this evening.  We walked over to lower Salt Hill to the Cottage Bar and found out they were changing the location on us. So Jim from our class offered Denis, Julie and I a ride to the Olso right near the water in Salt Hill. It was a great time. There ended up being 8 of us from our class there. The more experienced folks were amazing. Brian is a very good teacher it is obvious… The band was great and at times we had trouble keeping up as the speed of the reels and jigs increased. But even so it was grand fun.  I was hoping to get someone to take a picture of us playing but we did not go up as groups. we all just played together and then two of the advanced groups played something special for us all.

One of the folks gave us a ride home which was so nice. So here we are, eating a late supper, watching Inspector Lewis and thinking about having to get up at the crack of dawn to go to the airport in Dublin.  The beginning of another adventure. Am taking my laptop with me so I can write each night and up load pictures. Cannot wait…

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Day 92 – To Do or Not to Do or the Anticipation Blues

This title mean nothing…. but it could if you consider the two people living in this apartment are both suffering from anticipation blues.  I think for Denis the end of teaching his class hit him with the reality this is almost over and for me it has been just awareness of the days going by.  After all, this is day 92 which says a lot. It was very hard to get moving this morning but once I did I actually had a full day.

Packed up an huge envelope full of things and walked up to the post office and mailed it off to myself at home. Hopefully it will arrive in good condition ready for Christmas wrapping or not depending on how tired we are when we get home. Denis went to the Meteor store to be sure his phone would work in France. It appears it will just fine so we are good to go there and I got the rest of the cash to pay our host in France for the Apartment.

We also managed to do a bit more shopping, we still have so many things we want to get for home.  But we went back to the apartment and Denis worked on correcting papers and I did some research for Paris.  Think we will get two day hop on hop off tickets for tuesday and weds. or weds and thursday. That will give us two days just to do our own thing and the two days in the middle we will be able to pick two or three things we really want to see as well.  Denis has never been to Paris and I want to have some memories of Paris with him.  I loved it the first time I was there and together I know we will have a fabulous time.

So then I decided that at 2 pm I was going walking and Denis came along too. We walked out the Promenade, I have not been there since we had so much company. I missed my walks out there.  We went all the way out the causeway to Muffin Island and back. Felt good to do some speedy walking. CLeared my head and I will bet I will sleep better tonight. ON the way back we went up shop street and got Denis new shoe laces so another thing taken care of.

When we got back aside from cooking dinner I did a test – see if my clothes and the Bohran would all fit in my suitcase. They did which was very good news.  So now to figure out where to put the gifts as well.  We have three boxes that are pretty big, not heavy but take up space. but Denis has a carry on suitcase this time so we might be okay. I will mail one more package home to see if I can lighten the load even more.  Have quite a few books and because they are heavier they will cost more to mail so will concentrate on size not weight.

It was a lovey day, sunshine, light breeze in the 50’s today. I could do this all year round let me tell you.  What a wonderful day.  We are heading out soon so I will finish this later. Just thought I would start it now.

After our good dinner of chicken, rice and broccoli we cleaned up and went to Tis Coili for some music, we were hoping to see Michael the Bohran maker there but he was not. We did meet a couple who are in Galway for the weekend just a get away who were just having a grand time and knew why we like it so much.  Then we walked up to the Christmas Market to see what it was like on a Friday evening in NOvember. Was pretty busy and we met four of the students who were there.  They really thought the barbecue hamburgers were the best ever.  We looked at them as we walked by and they are huge cooking over a fire on a round saucer type thing.  If I could eat one I would.   It was nice just walking around on a pleasant evening.

We walked back through Shop Street and here we are.  Was a good day in all considering how I did not want to get up this morning.  Tomorrow is start packing for Paris, get money, go to Farmers Market etc.  So we shall see what adventure awaits us tomorrow. I might go for a bike ride if today is as nice as today.

PIctures include, a swan, a Galway Hooker, the famous row of houses on postcards of Galway, County Clare across the water, selfie at the causeway, low tide, a sea bird breaking a shell on the causeway, four swans, coaster with Jameson and Ginger recipe on it, and pictures of the Christmas Fair and one of Shop Street. And finally a lovely picture of denis and I in Ireland by Solveig… a happy looking picture I must say.

DSCN3332 DSCN3334 DSCN3336 DSCN3337 DSCN3339 DSCN3340 DSCN3345 DSCN3346 DSCN3352 DSCN3355 DSCN3357 DSCN3364 DSCN3366 DSCN3367 DSCN3350